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"I AM ... not your baby"
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Directed by Linda-Schiwa Klinkhammer, Ep03 with Ruby O. Fee has been released.
"MYRIAD" VR Experience
sound designer
The Myriad VR Experience has been winning awards around the globe!

"50 yrs McDonald's Germany"
sound designer // re-recording mixer
McDonald's say "Thank You!" for 50 years in Germany.
"where we used to sleep"
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Matthäus Wörle's moving documentary is celebrating its world premiere at Thessaloniki Documentary Festival!
"How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)" season 3 on Netflix
sound designer
M1000 is back for the series finale!
"Waking Up in Silence" wins at Berlinale 2023
add. sound designer // re-recording mixer
Waking Up in Silence won the special prize award in the Generation Kplus category!.
Since then ...
... there has been a lot of amazing work
As soon as I find the time there will be more news! In the meantime the most recent updates can be found at the top of the page.



May 2024
"Jenseits von Schuld" wins audience award at DOK.fest Munich
re-recording mixer
We are honoured and thrilled that Jenseits von Schuld has won the audience award at this year's DOK.fest Munich! Thank you!
"Gastrogötter" wins at Deutscher Kamerapreis
dialogue editor // sound designer // re-recording mixer
At this year's Deutscher Kamerapreis, director/editor Philipp Straetker's wonderful pilot episode to Gastrogötter has been awarded with the award for "best editing (newcomer)" - and the jury explicitly mentioned the sound design too!
Post-production on "Die zärtliche Revolution" begins
dialogue editor // sound designer // re-recording mixer
I am very happy to be teaming up again with director Annelie Boros to work on her new feature length documentary! Die zärtliche Revolution focuses on the huge topic of care - both criticizing and dreaming up a vision for the future. Produced by Kinescope, featuring wonderful music by Lindsey Wang of Polygonia Creations.
April 2024
"Sarab / Fata Morgana" wins at Athens (US) Film Fest
re-recording mixer
How wonderful to hear that Daood Alabdulaa's investigative documentary has won the award for best short documentary at Athens Film Fest in Ohio, USA!
Four films at DOK.fest Munich
dialogue editor // sound designer // re-recording mixer
I am very glad and honoured that I was part of the teams behind four films at this year's Munich DOK.fest - Jenseits von Schuld, Where we used to sleep, Restoration and Heute ist das Gestern von Morgen.
March 2024
dialogue editor
I had the pleasure of working on the ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel Spaltung about the controversy around Germany's abandoning of nuclear power.
"Walud" audio post-production
dialogue editor // sound designer // re-recording mixer
Daood Alabdulaa and Louise Zenker co-direct this atmospherically tense short about two women's struggles under ISIS' patriarchal system.
February 2024
"where we used to sleep" premiere in Thessaloniki
dialogue editor // sound designer // re-recording mixer
What a wonderful surprise - not only has Matthäus Wörle's heart-warming (and -breaking) documentary feature been invited to Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival, it was also moved from the newcomer section into the main competition. What an honour, thank you Thessaloniki!
"Jenseits von Schuld (AT)" completed
re-recording mixer
Katharina Köster's and Katrin Nemec's new documentary touches on the difficult question of how parents live on when their beloved child turns out to have grown up into a serial killer. Produced by Trimafilm, sound design and supervision by Cornelia Böhm.
January 2024
We can only wish for better times for the world...
"Die Gedanken unserer Vorfahren"
dialogue editor // sound designer // re-recording mixer
Director Koku Musebeni's new hybrid documentary short brings together her personal story and struggles against everyday racism with atmospheric Afro-futurism.
"Wie im Himmel, so auf Erden" at Max-Ophüls-Preis
dialogue editor // sound designer // re-recording mixer
Daria Kuschev's documentary is running for the award as best documentary at this year's "Filmfest Max Ophüls Preis" in Saarbrücken.
Dezember 2023
"Das jüngste Gerücht"
dialogue editor // sound designer // re-recording mixer
Director Bernhard Wohlfahrter's comedy short is full of wonderfully quirky gossip, presented in highly entertaining Austrian dry humour.
November 2023
"Wie im Himmel, so auf Erden" completed
dialogue editor // sound designer // re-recording mixer
Daria Kuschev's feature documentary Wie im Himmel, so auf Erden invites us into the serene world of an orthodox convent. Joining the nuns in their everyday life, the atmospheric visuals, sound and music transport us to experience the work and worship of this special place.
"where we used to sleep" sound post started
dialogue editor // sound designer // re-recording mixer
The documentary short, which won the German Human Rights award, about an elderly lady forced to leave her beloved village in the Romanian countryside continues in director Matthäus Wörle's feature-length film.
October 2023
"Restoration" and "Die Brieffreundin" at Hofer Filmtage
dialogue editor // sound designer // re-recording mixer
Two very personal feature documentaries are premiering at this year's Hofer Filmtage. Director Gudrun Gruber portraits Sabrina from Detroit, USA, who is battling demons from a traumatizing experience in her past in Restroration, whilst Sarah Klewes explores the mediterranean life of her deceased pen-pal Claretta from Italy in Die Brieffreundin.
"Lord & Schlumpfi" - new episode
sound designer // re-recording mixer
A new episode is out! Bavaria's lord of darkness and his sidekick happen upon a strange forest-dweller, mushrooms and - as always - metal music - in this new episode.
"Der Rückweg" wins First Steps Award
re-recording mixer
Congratulations to the whole team! Moritz Adlon's Der Rückweg wins as best short at the First Steps Award 2023.
"Eine Person Ex"
dialogue editor // sound designer // re-recording mixer
Alexander Löwen (dir.) follows the emotionally taxing work and life of a crisis intervention team member in his new short.
September 2023
"Pauline" - new series
sound designer
I am very happy to be teaming up again with sound supervisor Kai Holzkämper and the crew at btf (bildundtonfabrik) for their new streaming series Pauline for Disney+.
"Sturm und Drang"
re-recording mixer
Director Wouter Wirth brings together a mix of historical setting, emancipation, revolution, romance and rebellion in his latest short.
August 2023
"Heute ist das Gestern von Morgen" - never forget
re-recording mixer
This documentary by film-maker Jonas Neumann is an important warning especially in these times: "Today is tomorrow's yesterday" portraits the former concentration camp Dachau, the people working there, the Holocaust survivors constantly reminding the world of what happened there.
"Sturm und Drang"
re-recording mixer
Director Wouter Wirth brings together a mix of historical setting, emancipation, revolution, romance and rebellion in his latest short.
July 2023
"Brynhild" Nibelungen-Festspiele
dialogue editor
I was brought on board of the sound team responsible for the live action film clips at this year's Nibelungen-Festspiele in Worms.
"Freiheit" for ZDFneo
sound designer
Sound supervisor and re-recording mixer Kai Holzkämper invited me to join forces on the ZDFneo production Freiheit. The mini-series follows a group of "Reichsbürger" planning to take over Germany - tongue-in-cheek and frightingly up-to-date at the same time.
"Gastrogötter" audio post started
dialogue editor // sound designer // re-recording mixer
Director Philipp Straetker created this highly entertaining pilot episode set in the (not-so-) glamorous world of cooking - Haute Cuisine meets Hell's Kitchen..
"Gemeinsam gegen Krebs"
sound designer
Together with composer Fabiola Wörter and producer Teodora Djukaric we sculpted the sound for a campaign focussing on cancer awareness.
June 2023
"Waking Up in Silence" wins in Kyiv
add. sound designer // re-recording mixer
Wow we are honoured and deply moved - Waking Up in Silence has been awarded as best DOCU/SHORT at the DocuDays UA, the International Human Rights Documentary Fim Festival in Ukraine. Thank you so much!
"I AM ..." wins at ADC
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Congrats to Linda and everbody involved! The Art Directors Club Germany has awarded our Netflix bio short series I AM ... with 1x gold and 2x silver awards.
May 2023
Netflix "I AM ..." series wins Gold at Spotlight
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Netflix's bio short series I AM ... by Linda-Schiwa Klinkhammer has been awarded Gold at this year's Spotlight Festival. Thank you!
"Kibonumwe" wins at Kurzsuechtig Fesitval
sound designer
Simon Rittmeier's experimental short Kibonumwe has won the jury award at the Kurzsuechtig Film Festival.
"Ocean Rising" mix completed
dialogue editor // sound designer // re-recording mixer
Directing-producing duo Sabrina Diekow and Manuel Boskamp embark on a captivating atmospheric journey to Gibraltar's coast in their new documentary Ocean Rising, following nuemerous reports about Orcas attacking and sinking sailing and fishing boats.
"BOYZ" at Filmfest München
dialogue editor // re-recording mixer
Director Sylvain Cruiziat will be premiering with his feature documentary BOYZ at this year's Filmfest Münchent.
April 2023
"Wir und das Tier" at DOK.fest Munich
dialogue editor
David Spaeth's documentary Wir und das Tier - Ein Schlachthausmelodram will be celebrating its premier at Munich's DOK.fest. Thanks to David and sound supervisor Clemens Becker for bringing me on board! If you aren't already, this one WILL make you question humanity's consumption of meat.
"Von Vielen" at DOK.fest Munich
re-recording mixer
Joining up again with sound designer Nelly Böhm, director Eva Hartmann and LUZIDFILM producer Barbara Groben, the mix of the music documentary Von Vielen leads straight to the premiere at DOK.fest Munich.
"Restoration" completed
sound designer // dialogue editor // re-recording mixer
Gudrun Gruber's documentary feature dives into the life of Sabrina, a young woman from Detroit who is battling her demons after her rape experience.
March 2023
"Was Tun" streaming on BR
re-recording mixer
Michael Kranz' documentary is now available to watch on German Television stream via BR Bayerischer Rundfunk.
"Sarab" audio post-production
re-recording mixer
I am very glad to be a part of Daoud Alabdulaa's documentary short Sarab. The film gives an insight into the lives of the workers who built the stadiums in Qatar.
February 2023
"Waking Up in Silence" wins at Berlinale 2023
dialogue editor // re-recording mixer
Great news! Waking Up in Silence wins the Special Prize of the Generation Kplus International Jury at Berlinale 2023.
"Goldjunge" audio post-production completed
dialogue editor // re-recording mixer
I am very happy to hear that Erec Brehmer's very personal, tragic and moving film Wer wir gewesen sein werden has been elected for Deutscher Filmpreis (German Film Award).
dialogue editor // re-recording mixer
BOYZ has been finalized in time for its team premiere.
January 2023
Come on 2023....
"Wer wir gewesen sein werden" running for Deutscher Filmpreis
re-recording mixer
I am very happy to hear that Erec Brehmer's very personal, tragic and moving film Wer wir gewesen sein werden has been elected for Deutscher Filmpreis (German Film Award).
"Die Brieffreundin"
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Sarah Klewe's documentary Die Brieffreundin is entering sound post-production. The film takes us back into the life ot Sarah's long-time pen-pal Claretta Ciero on a very personal, atmospheric and lyrical journey to Capri, Italy.
December 2022
"Waking up in Silence" going to Berlinale
re-recording mixer
Directing editing duo Daniel Asadi Faezi and Mila Zhluktenko's new experimental documentary short Waking Up In Silence will be premiering at next Berlinale Film Festival. Sound post-production has just been finalized.
"Almost Home" on shortlist for Oscars
add. sound designer
Time for fingers crossed - Almost Home is running for a "big" Oscar in the category live action short at the upcoming Academy Awards.
Netflix "I AM ... not your baby"
sound designer // re-recording mixer
A new episode of Netflix's bio short series I AM ... is online now - this time with Ruby O. Fee - I AM ... not your baby.
November 2022
Gold Student Oscar for "Almost Home"
add. sound designer
After waiting for quite a bit, the award show in LA revealed that Almost Home won first place in the narrative category.
Post-production for "BOYZ" started
dialogue editor // re-recording mixer
Sylvain Cruiziat's feature documentary film BOYZ is in audio post-production now.
October 2022
Gold Student Oscar for "Almost Home"
add. sound designer
After waiting for quite a bit, the award show in LA revealed that Almost Home won first place in the narrative category!
"Aralkum" is travelling festivals and winning awards
add. sound designer // re-recording mixer
Winning best documentary at Visions du Reel is a few weeks back now and Aralkum now won in Cyprus - thank you very much! The short documentary by Daniel Asadi Faezi and Mila Zhluktenko is also nominated for a Silver Eye Award at the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival.
"Der Rückweg"
re-recording mixer
Sound post-production on Moritz Adlon's very atmospheric, gritty, historic short film Der Rückweg is wrapping up. It was a wonderful collaboration on the mix stage with both him and sound designer Nils Gradlowsky.
September 2022
"Almost Home" wins Student Oscar
add. sound designer
Wow congrats to the whole team - Almost Home (directed by Nils Keller) has won a Student Academy Award ("Oscar") in the best narrative category!
sound designer
Anne Katz' short horror/comedy mix Vapeurs will definitely bring the creeps to the audience by combining a surprise pregnancy, three weird doctors and - a snake!
August 2022
"I AM ... a buffalo" hits Netflix
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Bless Amada's portrait episode I AM ... a buffalo has been released!
"MYRIAD" wins 3 Red Dot Awards
sound designer
This is thrilling news - MYRIAD has won three Red Dot Awards, among them "Best of the Best" in the categories "Spatial Communication" and "User Experience Design". And in Rotterdam we are running as finalists for "VR Experience of the Year" at the VRAwards - fingers crossed!
"Almost Home" finalist for Student Oscars
add. sound designer
Nils Keller's sci-fi short has made it into the final round for an Academy Award!
July 2022
"I AM" portraits for Netflix
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Linda-Schiwa Klinkhammer produces wonderful portraits of actors and actresses for Netflix. We have started post-production on two new films..
"Bruder muss los"
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Stella Traub has made a documentary portrait about her brother, who is about to leave his home village to pursue new plans in Berlin. The feeling of the last days of summer - and a personal era of friendship and easy life as a teenager.
"Fotogipfel 2022"
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Once more director and DOP Franz Kastner has produced a wonderfully atmospheric trailer to the Oberstdorfer Fotogipfel 2022. Featuring fantastic music by overtone singer Anna-Maria Hefele.
re-recording mixer
Sound designer Nelly Böhm has been working on Eva Hartmann's documentary Urlau(b) about the troubles and joys the villagers of Urlau face in the light of a holiday resort being built next door. What a pleasure it was being brought on to mix this film.
June 2022
"King of Stonks" hits Netflix
sound designer
German productionhouse bildundtonfabrik have done it again - after HTSDOF, their new series King of Stonks hits Netflix.
"Wer wir gewesen sein werden" in German cinemas
re-recording mixer
After its successful festival tour, Erec Brehmer's very personal film Wer wir gewesen sein werden about his life-changing tragedy is starting its German cinema tour on July 14th.
"Willi und die Wunderkröte App"
sound designer
Finally after working on the sound and music for this mobile game a quite while back with composing friend Chris Barth, the Willi und die Wunderkröte mobile app is released in time for the theatrical release of the same name.
May 2022
"Was tun" wins Bayerischer Filmpreis
re-recording mixer
Thrilled to watch the awards - Michael Kranz' very moving documentary - that actually ended up making the world a little bit better - wins the Bavarian film award as best documentary. A heart-warming speech on stage included.
"MYRIAD" wins 6 awards at ADC
sound designer
MYRIAD has won 6 awards at the German ADC Competition - including "Distinction" for its audio work - congrats to us, the sound team, with Christian Barth as creative audio director, Julian Ferreira da Silva (audio implementation) and myself (sound designer).
"WOID" and "Borders" at Munich DOK.fest
sound designer // re-recording mixer
DOK.fest Munich has started! Verena Wagner's atmospheric and immersive experimental documentary WOID (Woods) has been invited to the film festival. Nicole Huminski's journalistic work Borders will be screened as part of HFF Munich's film journalism class Close Up Polen.
"Win Win" post-production started
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Director Friedrich Rackwitz dives into the world of "gamification" in his feature-length documentary Win Win. In a self-experiment he takes up "freeletics" and tastes this form of motivational, app-driven excersising.
April 2022
"Aralkum" wins at Visions du Reel
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Wow - Aralkum wins the award for best short at Visions due Reel in Nyon!
March 2022
"Machines of Loving Grace"
sound designer
Viktor Schimpf's sci-fi short Machines of Loving Grace has a positive spin on artificial intelligence and its impact on humanity!
sound supervisor // sound designer // re-recording mixer
An Nguyen directs a powerful short set in the hidden but omnipresent world of human trafficking in some parts of Germany's Vietnamese society.
February 2022
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Daniel Asadi-Faezi and Mila Zhluktenko team up for an artistic short on the environmental catastrophe that affects the Aral Sea. Filmed on location with a local crew, I am thrilled to have been brought on board again for post-production!
sound designer // re-recording mixer
A very personal film on the life of an extraordinary woman - Angelique Nagel is Germany's first transgender woman.
"Was Tun" in German theatres
re-recording mixer
I am so happy to hear that Was Tun will be hitting cinemas in Germany in March.
"Das innere Bild"
re-recording mixer
And another film about working with patients - Das innere Bild by Daniel Asadi-Faezi sheds light on art therapy.
January 2022
OK, 2021 didn't really differ... Here's to 2022!!
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Daria Kuschev directed the heart-breaking documentary Clowns about two women and their work with sick children in palliative care.
December 2021
"50 years McDonald's Germany"
sound designer // re-recording mixer
SuperCine produced this wonderful clip for the big anniversary - fast-paced and lots of fun to work on!
Music mix and mastering
mastering engineer
Every now and then I get to tune my ears on music work - this time some mixing and mastering for several clients in a row.
November 2021
sound designer
After the award-winning success of the very atmospheric documentary Schichteln (Kepp Shiftin') by Verena Wagner, I am very happy to dive into the soundscape of the Bavarian Forest for her new film Woid.
"MYRIAD" at Biennale in Venice
sound designer
Our VR experience MYRIAD is travelling to Biennale in Venice - and wins several other awards around the globe.
October 2021
"King of Stonks"
sound designer
Once again Kai Holzkämper brings me on board a great new project by btf - coming to Netflix in 2022.
"Almost Home"
sound designer
Director Nils Keller and I work on the sound of the sci-fi short Almost Home.
September 2021
"Hello Darkness"
re-recording mixer
Melanie Jilg directed the artistic animation short Hello Darkness about anxiety disorder, teaming up with her wonderul sound designer Nelly Böhm.
sound supervisor // sound designer // re-recording mixer
After lots of planning during pre-production, the post-production sound work on the horror short MAERE finally begins! With writer/director duo Lisa Reich and Josef Zeller.
"Deutsche Bahn - Nachhaltigkeit"
sound designer // re-recording mixer
I am happy to be invited to team up with director Emilia Möbus and producer Artjom Baranov on the new campain for DB Deutsche Bahn (German Rail). Sustainability!
August 2021
"Start the fck up"
sound designer
My friends and colleagues from HTSDOF brought me on board for their current show Start the fck up - available on ZDFneo soon.
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Franz Kastner and Till Cöster produced an atmospheric documentary about Munich's KMFV.
re-recording mixer
Director/producer Philip Montasser created a visually and aurally captivating short film for which I had the pleasure of mixing the work of sound designer Maurizio Bergmann.
July 2021
Mixing films for "MuKo Leipzig"
re-recording mixer
Director/producers Mila Zhluktenko invited me for another wonderful collaboration - this time working on portrait clips for Leipzig's stage house "Musikalische Komödie". Great people, great music.
"Shiny Flakes" hits Netflix
sound designer
From the creators of How to sell drugs online (fast) comes a new features length documentary on the true story that inspired the hit Netflix show. Shiny Flakes shed's light on Maxi, the real-life teenage M1000 from Germany.
Finally back on set again for "Producer's Day 2022"
production sound mixer // re-recording mixer
Finally I find the time and opportunity for some production sound work again at HFF Munich's TV studio.
June 2021
"Was Tun" wins best documentary twice!
re-recording mixer
What great news - Was Tun by director Michael Kranz wins the audience award and promotion prize at the SWR German Documentary Award!
Additional Sound Design for "The Perfect Society"
sound designer
Many thanks to Michael Ciesielski and supervisor Stefan Möhl for bringing me on board for some additional sound design to the crude world of The Perfect Society.
May 2021
"Schichteln" and "Mamanam" win Starter Filmpreis
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Wow, somehow films come in paris right now - both Mamanam by Linda Klinkhammer and Schichteln bei Verena Wagner win Munich's Starter Filmpreis! Thank you to the jury for such wonderful words and even specifically mentioning the sound work.
DOK.fest - "Vakuum" and "Wer wir gewesen sein werden"
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Munich's DOK.fest online is showing Vakuum and Wer wir gewesen sein werden.
April 2021
Two winners at Spotlight Festival
re-recording mixer
Wow, two spots I recently had the joy and honour of mixing have been awarded at this year's Spotlight Festival - silver for Forbidden Beauty by Susanne Steinmassl and bronze for Levi's - Just Live by Linda Klinkhammer.
March 2021
"Vakuum" mix completed
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Whilst the world continues to be in the grips of the Corona virus, we have completed the mix on the documentary Vakuum. Austria, 2020, like the air has been sucked out.
"Wer wir gewesen sein werden"
re-recording mixer
A year ago, I worked on a film that stirred me for quite some time... resetting my view on "real issues" while some were going mental on Covid, Covid strategies, other (often rather meaningless) issues... Here comes another film that shakes you up and makes you re-puzzle your view on certain aspects of life. Wer wir gewesen sein werden is Erec Brehmer's very personal and authentic document on the loss of a loved one, his loved one.
sound designer
The sound work on Filmtank's cross-media project Myriad is taking further steps. With great collaboration in the sound team with Christian Barth and Julian Ferreira da Silva, we are taking to the skies for the first round...
February 2021
"Regeln am Band" nominated for Preis der Deutschen Filmkritik
sound designer // dialogue editor
After having won the Max Ophüls Award, at teh DOK.fest Munich and other successful festival rounds, Yulia Lokshina's eye-opening documentary Regeln am Band, bei hoher Geschwindigkeit now has been nominated for the "Preis der Deutschen Filmkritik 2020" as best documentary. Fingers crossed!
sound designer
The sound work on Filmtank's cross-media project Myriad is taking further steps. With great collaboration in the sound team with Christian Barth and Julian Ferreira da Silva, we are taking to the skies for the first round...
January 2021
Wow what was that last year...!? Better this year!
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Franz Kastner and Tim Cöster have been producing for Bavaria's Oberstdorf Tourist department, bringing portraits of wonderful locals to the screen and speakers.
December 2020
sound designer  // re-recording mixer
Kristina Schranz is working on a very atmospheric voyage into Austrias Covid Lockdown scenario(s)... what happens when you suck the (man-made) liveliness out of the modern world?
re-recording mixer
Luigjina Shkupa's documentary dives into a dark chapter of Albania's communist history - close to 200.000 bunkers were built, what has become of them?
"Just Live"
re-recording mixer
A bold spec spot with a strong message by Linda Klinkhammer - thanks for another great project, mixing time and result!
November 2020
"How to sell drugs online (fast)" season 3
sound designer
Back to Rinseln for the new season of Netflix' HTSDOF!
October 2020
"BMW - Chasing iNEXT"
sound designer
BMW's new campaign for its "visionary supercar BMW iNEXT" features a film team desperately looking for this new innovation in e-mobility, three philosophers and Martians playing golf ... thanks to btf for bringing me on bord!
September 2020
"Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo"
foley editor
Amazon is bringing the autobiographical story about a group of youths in East Germany, drifting into the swamps of drug addiction and prostitution, to a new series!
August 2020
"BAM is back"
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Emilia Möbus brought her highly talented team together for another commercial spot. This time we visit the lockdown-induced silence of dusty concert halls of Bambergs Symphonic Orchestra... for a surprise. BAM is back!
re-recording mixer
Franz Kastner an Till Cöster are producing wonderfully atmospheric portrait films of the Oberstdorf region in southern Bavaria. Nature, peace and quiet, interesting people - definitely worth a watch and a visit.
"Lord und Schlumpfi" in German cinemas
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Lord and Schlumpfi, the two Black Bavarian Splatter Metalheads, are on their way to the legendary Wacken Open Air festival - on screen in German cinemas starting September 17th!
July 2020
"Kräfte" nominated for best sound design
sound designer // foley supervisor
Exciting news - Kräfte by director Annelie Boros has been nominated for best sound design in a short film at MASAWARDS.
"Lord und Schlumpfi" at Filmfest Munich
sound designer // re-recording mixer
World premiere in Munich's new drive-in Popup Autokino München: Lord und Schlumpfi. Season one and the new season two strung together for a feature event - Räragu!
June 2020
"How to sell drugs online fast" wins Deutscher Fernsehpreis
add. sound designer 
The first season of Netflix's How to sell drugs online (fast) wins the German television award as best comedy series. Season two is about to be released.
"Was tun"
re-recording mixer
Michael Kranz, actor and director, brought me on board for the DOK.fest Munich release of this very moving documentary. Follwing up on a haunting experience watching a documentary on child prostitution, he travels to Bangladesh in search of the girl he saw in an interview. During this emotional and intense time he manages to found and establish a children's home that brings education, shelter and a "family" to several children. The screenings of the film have raised awareness for the Bondhu Project - thank you to everyone participating in this, and to you Michael for bringing me on board.
"La Palma" in German cinemas
re-recording mixer
After a long wait, Erec Brehmer's La Palma is in German cinemas now!
"Lord und Schlumpfi"
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Tobias Öller is working on season two of his Youtube hit series Lord und Schlumpfi. I was brought on board for the new episodes, bringing me back to the Bavarian valley I grew up in.
March 2020
"Blowing Bubbles" wins twice at Spotlight Festival
sound designer
Wow, Emilia Möbus' atmospheric commercial Blowing Bubbles wins Gold in the jury's and Silver in the audience's eyes and ears. Thanks!!!
January 2020
... to everybody.
"Regeln am Band" wins best documentary at Max Ophüls
sound supervisor // sound designer // dialogue editor
Well-deserved! Yulia Lokshina's feature length documentary wins in Saarbrücken!
"Der Andere" (The other one) wins best sound at NYCA Film Festival
re-recording mixer
What an honour - Der Andere wins best sound at New York Cinematography Awards!
"1000 Arten Regen zu beschreiben" nominated for Grimme Preis
sound supervisor // sound designer // dialogue editor
Wow, we have been nominated for the German Grimme Preis!
"Lord und Schlumpfi - Lost in LARP"
sound designer // re-recording mixer
I am thrilled to be working with everybody involed on the Lord and Schlumpfi channel. My former "boss" Peter Rixner brought me on board for the Lost in LARP special episode. Shot in my Bavarian home valley area - more to follow soon...
Netflix double
dialogue editor // add. sound designer
A well-timed coincidence - I've been invited to work on two series for Netflix - cannot say more yet. Except for "thanks!" and "it's fun!".
"Heim" (working title)
dialogue editor // re-recording mixer
Dominique Klein filmed a very special and charismatic documentary, inviting the viewer into the life of the inhabitants of a Romanian asylum. Heart-warming, sad, filled with joy - just like life itself...
December 2019
Max Ophüls 2020 - here we come
sound supervisor // dialogue editor // sound designer // re-recording mixer
Wow, Mamanam, Der Andere, Regeln am Band and Nothing More Perfect and Der Perfekte Run have been invited to Max Ophüls Film Festival! That's two shorts, one feature fictional and two documentaries - check them out should you be at the festival.
"The Raft"
additional re-recording mixer
After the wonderful and successful collaboration on Find Fix Finish, director Sylvain Cruiziat brought me on board as additional re-recording mixer on this highly artistic (and also controversially accepted) short. Not for the faint-hearted, this film has to be seen and heard in order to judge.
"Blowing Bubbles" UEFA Social Spot
sound designer
Emilia Möbus directed this spocial spot, shot in London, raising awareness for the death threats that many football referees suffer under.
"Rabe Socke 3" and All I never wanted" in German cinemas
mixing consultant // re-recording mixer
Two very different yet equally entertaining films are in German cinemas now - Der kleine Rabe Socke 3 and the mixed-genre crazyness of All I never wanted.
November 2019
"Kräfte" sound design
sound designer // foley supervisor
Take a genetic modification resulting in superhuman powers, a sect-like group of affected people drawing the line between themselves and ordinary humans, and throw in an insecure teenager looking for a place to belong. Annelie Boros' graduation film Kräfte takes a different spin on the superhero genre.
October 2019
"Schlechter Sex"
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Melissa Byrne and Paul Feldmann developed this "vertical storytelling" web series for Instagram. Short slices of sitcom fun.
"Tilt Pack"
game sound designer are developting a fun physics-driven take on classic beat-em-up and party-games! Available for Nintendo Switch and other platforms soon.
re-recording mixer
Linda Klinkhammer brought her family's story between Iran and Germany to the table in this short filmed on hand-held 16mm. Presenting itself as found footage, it opens up to be the very personal perception of little girl Kimia in the midst of turbulent family events and decisions.
September 2019
"A Perfect Run (WT: Riders Ready)" finalized
sound supervisor // dialogue editor // sound designer // re-recording mixer
Exceptional summer heat outside, glaciers and heavy snowfall up on the screen!
"Der Andere" finalized
dialogue editor // re-recording mixer
Lukas Baier has made this wonderful short, a mix of mystery, horror, sci-fi and drama with a twist! With a stunning and heart-warming score by composer Mathias Rehfeldt and atmospheric sound design by Fritz M. Dosch, this film was a joy to mix indeed.
Mc Donald's "Dinos vs Ponys"
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Artjom Baranov and Fabian Carl decided to bring two species, 65 million years apart, together in an epic battle - for Mc Donald's Happy Meal!
Check out the video here.

August 2019
"Riders Ready (working title)"
sound supervisor // dialogue editor // sound designer // re-recording mixer
How very happy I am to be back on board working with Lea Becker! Her latest feature length documentary portraits three young snow boarders on their way to a professional sports carreer. Sound post-production has started!
July 2019
"Pig Heart" nominated for best sound design
sound designer // re-recording mixer
MASAwards have nominated my work on Pig Heart for best sound design in a short film. Wow, thanks!
June 2019
"Regeln am Band"
sound designer
Yulia Lokshina's documentary Regeln am Band, bei hoher Geschwindigkeit looks behind the scenes of one of Germany's largest meat factories. But this time it is not about the animals. The foreign workers seem to be treated in a similar fashion...
Munich "Festival TV" Trailer
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Quick and dirty (in a way) was the work on this year's Munich Film Festival TV trailer.
May 2019
"Where we used to swim"
add. sound designer // re-recording mixer
Daniel Asadi Faezi once again jouneys to vast deserts, breathtaking mountain scenerey, following the history of the nearly dried up lake Urmia on the Turkish border to Iran.
April 2019
"All I never wanted" theatrical mix
add. sound designer // re-recording mixer
Directors and filmmakers Annika Blendl and Leonie Stade are bringing me on board for a theatrical mix of their latest film, All I never wanted.
"The Absence of Apricots" tours festivals and wins in Bristol
sound designer
Daniel Asadi Faezi's poetical documentary has been touring nurmerous festivals and won the Blackwell Student Film Prize in Bristol, UK!
March 2019
"Der kleine Rabe Socke 3" premieres at ITFS
mixing consultant
It is premiere time - a world first screening for this wonderful childrens animation feature in Stuttgart at the ITFS animation festival!
Don't miss it, as you will have to wait until December for the theatre release.

"Tiere" at DOK.Fest Munich
sound designer
Fantastic news - "Tiere" has been invited to the DOK.Fest Munich.
February 2019
"Der kleine Rabe Socke 3"
mixing consultant
I was invited to take part in the final mix of the third feature of this successful children's series!
"Tiere" sound design
sound designer
This feature length documentary shows a very interesting and surprising mix of situations in which humans relate to the animal world - every one of them differently unique.
January 2018
Happy New Year 2019!
All the best for the New Year
That's it!
"No More Perfect - Maya"
re-recording mixer
Teresa Hörl's graduation feature tells the story of the teenager Maya, whoose world is based on social media likes and superficial friendship. Until what at first seems to be a tragic holiday trip to Prague changes her view on life. Sound post-production started fresh in 2019.
"Allianz Arena" revisited
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Composer Chris Barth and I collaborated once more for a new revised edit of the Allianz Arena film for Munich's renowned football stadium.
December 2018
"Böhmermanns Weihnachten"
sound designer
Once again I have been invited to work on a hilarious Christmas special by TV host Jan Böhmermann for my friend and colleague Kai Holzkämper. Danke Kai!
"Pig Heart" completed
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Artjom Baranov's moving short about a young girl putting the life of an animal above her own has completed audio post-production!
7 entries at "Max Ophüls Festival"
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Wow - seven films I have been working on have been invited to the Max Ophüls Festival in Saarbrücken in January! La Palma, This is where I meet you, Pig Heart, Summer Hit, Nö York, Liebe in Zeiten der Teleportation, as well as Lass uns abhauen. Go HFF Munich!
"Rentiergrunzen" completed
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Christmas again - this time in a pub playing slot machines, trying to make up with the ex, insights into Ukrainian proverbs, Reindeer and what sound they make. Thanks to director Valentin Kruse and composer Karim Shalaby for a great time in the mix!
"Summer Hit" completed
re-recording mixer
Director Berthold Wahjudi was bold enough to film his short on an Erasmus year's student love story on super 16mm film. The authentic visual look and great performances by the actors made this a joy to work on! Sound design by Nils Gradlowsky.
"Find Fix Finish" dubbed German version
re-recording mixer
The highly successful documentary Find Fix Finish has been dubbed into German for BR (Bayerischer Rundfunk)!
"Die Frist (The Wait)" wins best documentary in London
dialogue editor // sound designer
The Wait, Karin Becker's documentary about the last days before going to prison, wins the best feature documentary award at the UK Film Festival!
November 2018
"FilmSchoolFest Trailer 2018"
re-recording mixer
I was invited to mix the trailer for this year's Munich FilmSchoolFest!
"Schlaf gut, Du auch" completed
dialogue editor // re-recording mixer
Christian Knie's graduation film about a brief encounter and general question of relationships has been completed. Rodolfo Silveira was responsible for sound design on this lovely short!
October 2018
"Lass uns abhauen" (Meet me in the Woods) invited to Hof Film Festival
re-recording mixer
After winning in Montreal we are proud to announce what we are going to Hof!
September 2018
"Lass uns abhauen" (Meet me in the Woods) wins in Montreal
re-recording mixer
Isa Micklitza's film has won the Student Film Festival Award for Best Film in Montreal!
"Pig Heart" audio post started
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Artjom Baranov's short is a heart-warming and smile-and-tear-evoking drama about a young girl that tries to put the life of a pig abover her own. Sound design has just started!
August 2018
"F32.2" nominated for Student Academy Award!
sound designer
We are thrilled - Annelie Boros' documentary F32.2 has been nominated for a Student Academy Award Oscar! Fingers crossed, please!
"Fest der Liebe" in sound post-production
sound designer // sound supervisor
Agata Wozniak's short Fest der Liebe about a slightly awkward mother - son relationship is in sound post-production.
"Tagebuch einer Wunderkröte" app in development
sound designer
Studio Fizbin and Interactive Media Foundation gGmbH have teamed up for a hop-and-run platform edutainment experience all about frogs and toads! And the wonderful teamwork of Chris Barth (music) and myself is on board once more to breathe sonic life into the app.
"Britax Römer - Made in Germany"
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Roughly ten years after working on our first film together, director Milos Savic had his wonderful image film Britax Römer in need of sound and mix. Safety for kids, good stuff indeed!
"Liebe in Zeiten der Teleportation" in the mix
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Henning Pulß' short explores how teenage love stories might go down in times of teleportation. Fingers crossed that this teaser short sets the first stone for its feature film follow-up!
July 2018
"Man on Mars"
sound designer
Nils Keller delivers a wonderful commercial about the first step on Mars - gone slightly wrong. Thanks to Flo Schneeweiß for the great mix!
"Fest der Liebe" in sound post-production
sound designer // sound supervisor
Agata Wozniak's short Fest der Liebe about a slightly awkward mother - son relationship is in sound post-production.
"Tagebuch einer Wunderkröte" app in development
sound designer
Studio Fizbin and Interactive Media Foundation gGmbH have teamed up for a hop-and-run platform edutainment experience all about frogs and toads! And the wonderful teamwork of Chris Barth (music) and myself is on board once more to breathe sonic life into the app.
"Britax Römer - Made in Germany"
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Roughly ten years after working on our first film together, director Milos Savic had his wonderful image film Britax Römer in need of sound and mix. Safety for kids, good stuff indeed!
"Liebe in Zeiten der Teleportation" in the mix
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Henning Pulß' short explores how teenage love stories might go down in times of teleportation. Fingers crossed that this teaser short sets the first stone for its feature film follow-up!
June 2018
"Find Fix Finish" wins Munich Starter Filmpreis
re-recording mixer
Approaching its 90th festival acceptance, Mila Zhluktenko's and Sylvain Cruiziat's scary documentary artwork Find Fix Finish hast just won Munich's "Starter Filmpreis"! 100, here we come...
"Dr. Böhmermanns Struwwelpeter" in German cinemas
sound designer
Jan Böhmermann has revisited one of Germany's conservative child books, Der Struwwelpeter, that frightened a whole generation, this time interpreting it to educate the misguided parents, "Germans" and other groups. Thanks to my pal Kai for bringing me on the sound design team!
"Technically Single" in the mix
sound designer // re-recording mixer
We are in the middle of mixing this new web-series about a group of female students and Munich's technical university "TU München". With girl power, fast paced editing and a driving soundtrack, we have already been nominated in Melboune, amongst other categories also for best sound design - yes!
May 2018
"Temperatur des Willens" in German cinemas
re-recording mixer
Peter Baranowski's documentary Temperatur des Willens on the "Legionaries of Christ" is hitting German cinemas on July 8th! A very delicately immersing film on a controversially biased topic, leaving the final verdict up to every viewer's own decision.
"La Palma" completed
re-recording mixer
Have you ever booked a flight to a wrong destination without noticing? What if it was supposed to be the relaxing holiday that brings a stressed couple closer together again? Erec Brehmer's feature La Palma shows one way of dealing with it.
What a pleasure mixing this film with stunning scenery and images, a great cast and a wonderful, haunting score by David Reichelt
April 2018
"Lass uns abhauen" completed
re-recording mixer
Isa Micklitza's diploma feature Lass uns abhauen has been mixed and is ready to hit festivals!
March 2018
"1000 Arten, Regen zu beschreiben" wins Best Original Score / theatrical release date
sound supervisor // sound designer
Yes, well earned indeed! Composer Hauschka and team win the award for "Best Original Score" at the film festival in Aubagne, France.
And on March 29th, 1000 Arten, Regen zu beschreiben (Different Kinds of Rain) hits German cinemas.

"The Connection" wins at Landshut Short Film Festival
re-recording mixer
What a "shocking" surprise - Die Verbindung (The Connection) wins the Deadline Audience Award at Landshuter Short Film Festival! Thanks to all who voted and enjoyed what Michael Krummenacher, Jörg Elsner and I spooked away at in the mix.
"The Inner World 2" nominated 3 times for German Computer Game Award
sound designer
Wow, we have been nominated in 3 categories for the German Computer Game Award! Fingers crossed please! And while you're at it why not give it a play...
February 2018
"The Absence of Apricots"
sound designer
Daniel Asadi Faezi's new documentary explores the extraordinary way of living in the Hunza Valley in Pakistan. After a landslide, life for the villagers there isn't the same. Constantly drifting from real world documentary and surreal fairy tale magic, the film takes its viewers on a ride through the stunning landscape and culture.
Sound post-production is nearly completed, just in time for its world premiere at Nyon Film Festival
January 2018
Wishing you all the best for a fantastic, healthy, peaceful and successful 2018!
"1000 Arten, den Regen zu beschreiben" at Max Ophüls Preis
sound supervisor // sound designer
We are very happy, 1000 Arten, den Regen zu beschreiben (Different Kinds of Rain) has been invited (yes, we were asked to please premier there!) to Max Ophüls Preis Film Festival in Saarbrücken. This is the first screening in Germany and should hit regular cinemas end of March. Fingers crossed now...
"Die Frist" sound editorial completed
sound supervisor // sound designer
How does it feel when you receive the letter that tells you you have one week left before having to go to prison?
The sound editorial and design of Karin Becker's documentary Die Frist hast just been completed, now it's off to the re-recording stage with Benedikt Hoenes bringing it all together in the mix
December 2017
"1000 Arten, den Regen zu beschreiben" wins in Tallinn
sound supervisor // sound designer
How cool is this! 1000 Arten, den Regen zu beschreiben wins "Best First Feature" at its world premiere at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival PÖFF. We are thrilled!
November 2017
"Beste Show der Welt 3" completed
sound designer // re-recording mixer
I had a great time joining sound supervisor Kai Holzkämper and his very talented team once again for the third installment of Joko & Klaas' gameshow Beste Show der Welt. Thanks Kai!
October 2017
"The Inner World 2 - The last Windmonk" release
sound designer
The sequel to the award-winning point-and-click adventure is being released to the world on October 20th. Join Robert and his friends in the land of Asposia, enjoy the charming story, wonderful artwork, soothing music and soundscape of The Inner World 2 - The last Windmonk. Released for several platforms, consoles and mobile devices.
September 2017
"Analog Astronaut" completed
sound designer // re-recording mixer
What do you do if the European Space Association doesn't take you in as a candidate for its Mars mission? Austrian astronomer Dr. Gernot Grömer just continues his research on Earth, testing space suits and research technology, under Mars-like conditions, in ice caves in the Austrian Alps. Linda Klinkhammer and Felix Klee directed this entertaining insight into a unique branch of science at the Austrian Space Forum.
July 2017
"F3.22" sound design completed
sound designer
Annelie Boros' latest, very emotional documentary about a young woman's struggle with depression is currently in the final mix. Very intense sound design days indeed.
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Just finished the sound design and mix on yet another great DIY science project for kids on! Once again fantastic and sound-inspiring stop motion animation work by Eliott Deshusses.
June 2017
"Temperatur des Willens" at Filmfest München
re-recording mixer
Peter Baranowski's documentary Temperatur des Willens on the "Legionaries of Christ" is premiering at this year's Munich Film Festival!
"In Search Of" completed and premiering in Locarno
sound designer // re-recording mixer
A very atmospheric experimental short, In Search Of, by Daniel Asadi Faezi, is premiering at the Film Festival in Locarno!
May 2017
Green Energy!
the really important stuff
From now on the studio is running on 100% Green Energy! A small contribution in trying to let this "meaning-less" media business do a little good...
"Stella Polaris" at L.A. Film Festival
sound designer // re-recording mixer
It's been officially announced! Stella Polaris Ulloriarsuaq by director Yatri Niehaus will be celebrating its world premiere at the L.A. Film Festival. Should you be around don't miss out on the stunning trip into "the big ice"!
"Lederwerker Teaser" released
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Lederwerker - This man does amazing artistic craftmanship for fans of LARP (live action role-playing) and director Chris Roemer invited me on board to work on the sound design of the new teaser video. Full portrait to follow soon, get a glimpse of creating medieval fantasy armory now!
"Fuck White Tears" wins ESSA award
sound designer
Very nice indeed! Annelie Boros' documentary Fuck White Tears wins the ESSA award at the Ethnocineca International Documentary Film Festival Vienna!
April 2017
"Stella Polaris" world premiere in June
sound designer // re-recording mixer
The documentary Stella Polaris Ulloriarsuaq by director Yatri Niehaus will be celebrating its world premiere at a pretty big festival this year - more to follow soon...
"1000 Arten Regen" sound post finished
sound designer
We've finished sound post-production! Big and many thanks for a fantastic mix to Tobi Fleig and the team at RuhrSoundStudios!
March 2017
"Mimics" released
sound designer
It's game release time this month - the awesome and fun crew at have released Mimics. Long in the making, this party app for iOS and Android devices is a blast! Imitate an illustrated face in all its expressive detail and let your friends guess which one it was. Many hours of laughter and exhausted facial muscles await you, as well as music by Chris Barth and sound by myself.
"Mergimals" released
sound designer
Remember Tamagotchis? Mergimals soothes your pet-breeding urge and throws in quests, mini-games, Chris Barth's music and my sound. By the great folks at Zunderfabrik, available now on the AppStore.
February 2017
"1000 Arten Regen" in sound post-production
sound designer // sound supervisor
Isabel Prahl's debut feature is currently in sound post-production, being mixed at Ruhrsound Studios in March. The story circles around a family that tries to cope with their teenage son locking himself up in his room, hiding from them and the outside world. The many different facettes of rain seem to be his only interest, barely communicating at all with his family members, while every one of them is eager to find a way of compensating for the loss of their son.
"The Inner World 2"
sound designer
Studio Fizbin's eagerly awaited sequel to the award winning adventure game, The Inner World 2, is currently in the making! Once again, Robert embarks on an adventure in Asposia. The music is being composed by the first part's duo Christian Barth and Philipp Kobilke, who brought me on board for the sound design this time. Available soon for mobile, desktop and gaming consoles.
July 2016
"Hexkraft Haus" VR demo awaiting
sound designer // audio engineer
Hexkraft is the company I have luckily been invited to join as head of audio, sharing their passion to create a breathtaking immersive VR experience. Right now we are eagerly working towards the first demo release.
"First Night" at Venice Film Festival
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Andrei Tanase's short First Night (Prima Noapte) has been invited to the 73rd Venice International Film Festival!
June 2016
"Temperatur des Willens"
re-recording mixer
Supervising sound designer Jörg Elsner and I have begun the mix on Peter Baranowski's documentary Temperatur des Willens. The film takes the audience into the inner circles of the "Regnum Christi", the "Legionaries of Christ", joining, amongst others, the director's brother.
"Mimics" wins AppArtAward
sound designer
Our very soon to be released party game app Mimics has won the ZKM AppArtAward in the category "Art+Experience"!
May 2016
"Stella Polaris Ulloriarsuaq"
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Sound post-production on the documentary Stella Polaris Ulloriarsuaq by director Yatri Niehaus has started. The film is part of an environmental arts project on the melting of Greenland's ice masses as a result of global warming.
April 2016
"4" and "Dügün" at DOK.fest Munich
foley editor // dialogue editor
Daniel Kutschinski's award-winning documentary 4 (foley editor) about the world-famous string quartet "Quatuor Ebene" will be shown at this year's DOK.fest Munich, as well as Dügün, Marcel Kolvenbach's documentary about Turkish marriage culture in Germany.
"Petzi" premieres at ITFS
foley artist // foley editor
Award-winning animation Studio SOI are presenting the first episode of Petzi (Rasmus Klump) at this year's ITFS festival in Stuttgart, Germany! Foley work was provided by me for sound designer and re-recording mixer Christian Heck.
"Nightsession" in German cinemas
re-recording mixer
Philipp Dettmer's film Nightsession about 4 friends enjoying a night out skating through Munich is hitting German cinemas on 14.04.2016. Don't miss it!
August 2015
"Die Mockridges" completed and airing
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Warner Bros. new sitcom for WDR broadcast, Die Mockridges - Eine Knallerfamilie has been completed! The first episode will be shown on August 28th at 21:45 on WDR, the following three weekly after that. Thanks to the great team involved, the pretty intense post schedule went very well indeed.
Frauenbundesliga - Women's Football League
sound designer // re-recording mixer
For tba I was once again invited on board to work on a few clips for their client Allianz - this time however for the German Women's Football League.
July 2015
New Warner Bros. sitcom
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Sound post-production on a new Warner Bros. sitcom for WDR broadcast is about to start. I am very happy to jump on board of director Martin Busker's new project, along with other crew members from our previous collaborations.
Foley for "Petzi"
Once again I am invited by Christian Heck to join forces on a children's animation project - this time Petzi bear and his friends embark on two first adventures. Very cute indeed and suited also for younger children.
Fun party app in development
sound designer
The very creative and talented brains at Navel are working on a fun party app. Chris Barth (music) and I are working on its audible side and we all are really enjoying the testing so far. I won't mention a name yet as it is not set in stone, but I assum you will find more info over on their website. A hint: Two teams, a smartphone camera, funny faces.
"Lufthansa myOffer"
re-recording mixer
While working for Anqer I stumbled upon a very interesting concept - Lufthansa myOffer, bringing an auction type approach to Premium Economy Class upgrades. Time to book a holiday I guess...
Documentary work at HFF München
re-recording mixer
At HFF Munich there were two small documentary productions that I worked on, the TV format Close Up 2015 Brazil and Lisa Völter's filme Vorstellungen about life as a teen in a circus family.
"Opera Maker" updated
sound designer
The fun app that allows you to create and perform your own opera, Opera Maker, has received a few sound updates. Hobby-Mozart, anybody? Available in the App-Store and online.
re-recording mixer
Sascha Reimold's surreal thriller Michaela has been mixed and finalised in 5.1 surround.
June 2015
sound designer
What a surprise! The Netwars webdoc wins the Grimme Online Award - just days after the German Parliament was attacked by hackers.
"Nightsession" at Filmfest München
re-recording mixer
Philipp Dettmer's film Nightsession about 4 friends enjoying a night out skating through Munich has been receiving great attention in the press so far. We are really looking forward to the premiere on the 26th of June. Don't miss it!
"Mission Control Texas" wins at DOK.fest
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Mission Control Texas has won the FFF Prize at DOK.fest Munich. Congratulations Ralf Bücheler!
"Der kleine Rabe Socke 2" premieres at ITFS and Filmfest München
dialogue editor // dia+foley premix
Raven the little Rascal enjoyed an early premiere at the ITFS animation festival in Stuttgart. The film is also my third contribution to the Filmfest München. In cinemas soon.
"Last Minute" at YDA in Cannes
sound designer // re-recording mixer
Fingers crossed - Last Minute, a fun spec spot bei Stephan Hilpert about Deutsche Bahn, is in the competition for a Young Director Award.
"Zelle 17" mixed at HFF Munich
re-recording mixer
Tim Fehlbaum worked together with students at HFF Munich and the results of their project came out as breath-taking. The setting: a women's prison, two cell-mates, one dominant, the other one longing to free herfself from her miserable enslaved life.
Great acting, strong camera work, a very well-crafted edit, Clemens Becker's intense sound design work - and I got the opportunity to bring it all together in the mix. Zelle 17. What a ride!
Since then ...

... there has been a lot of work
As soon as I find the time there will be more news! In the meantime the most recent updates can be found at the top of the page.


May 2014
Teaching at KHM
Once again I have been invited to lecture about film sound and prodution sound mixing at the KHM Cologne.
Visiting Allianz
Another visit to the Allianz for some more filming with a fantastic crew with thebeautyaside.
Sound design for the battle of the seas
The cross-media production Conquest of the Seven Seas brings alive the battle for supremacy on the seven seas during the time of Sir Francis Drake and Ferdinand Magellan. Christian Barth and I developed the music and sound design for the interactive web site as well as the online strategy game.
Car tires in surround
I am not allowed to say a lot, but Chris Barth (music) and I (sound design and mix) are currently working on the surround mix to a fast paced animation clip for the roadshow of one of the internationally leading tire manufacturers.
"Kings of Kallstadt" in theatres

Simone Wendel's documentary Kings of Kallstadt about a little village of winegrowers and their connection to two of America's largest entrepreneurs, Donald Trump and Heinz-Ketchup, hits theatres in Germany. Christian Heck of sumophonic and I (as dialog editor) joined the team once again to work on this new extended cinematic version.
April 2014
"Netwars" release on April 15th
Save the date - April 15th, release of the tv documentary, starting at 8:15 pm on arte, as well as the first episode to the interactive webdoc to Netwars. Cyberwar, the modern way of terror and war in the digital era, is uncovered in a cross-media production. Snowden was only the tip of the iceberg - the surveillance of private messages and data seems harmless given the terror and war attacks that happen hidden from the public. The topic also finds its way into fictional forms in an e-book and a graphic novel app.
Chris Barth (music) and I (sound design) supervised and crafted the sound for the entire production.
March 2014
"Beyound the Mountains" and "Netwars"
The work on Netwars and Beyond the Mountains has begun. Together with Chris Barth on music, I am working on the entire sound for the cross-media project on the topic cyberwar, spanning a tv documentary, an interactive web doc as well as a graphic novel app.
The follow-up game from developers fizbin, who landed a newcomer hit with their graphic adventure The Inner World last year, takes me to the horrific world of H.P. Lovecraft.

February 2014
"Journey Alpha" online
Patrick Poelchau's exciting motion graphics production Journey - with music by Chris Barth and sound and mix by me - has received a visual facelift an is now online!
January 2014
Happy New Year!
Wishing you all the very best for a happy and well-sounding 2014!
"Moby's Revenge" free in the appstore
"Plitschi Platschi" becomes Moby's Revenge and is now available for free at the app store. Sound by me, music by Christian Barth.
Mixing image films for Munich Hospital
For most of the interviews in a series of image films currently being produced by Moonstruck Entertainment for Munich's Bogenhausen Hospital, I was responsible for sound post-production.
Netwars - out of CTRL
After a successful collaboration on the development of the prototype app, we continue working on the cross-media production Netwars. Chris Barth and I are currently planning the music and sound for the new graphic novel app, TV documentary and interactive website. The cross-plattform project sheds light on the recently heavily discussed new form of war - cyberwar.
December 2013
Award for "Best Sound Design" in Romania
Wow, what a surprise! A few nights ago I got a message to let me know that I had won the Andrei Otto Toncu award for best sound design for my work on Fliehkraft (Escaping Gravity) at this year's CineMAiuibit Film Festival in Romania. I am thrilled and looking forward to hearing all the details.
Of course the entire sound track is the work of the whole sound team, so a big thank you to: Helene Seidl, Carsten Richter and Hanse Warns plus team for the fantastic foley, Claudia Mattai del Moro and team for production sound and recording great ambience wild tracks, Daniel Hoffknecht for his great score, Stephan Weidenbrück and Steffen Sennert for providing me with some of their music to use as source tracks, and Andreas Henke of Loft Studios for bringing it all together so extraordinarily well in the final mix
"Long weekend" mixed at HFF Munich
Julius Grimm's short Long Weekend (Verlängertes Wochenende), a comedy about a group of people being stuck in an elevator, was edited, sound designed and mixed at my own studio and the mixing stages at Munich film school HFF. Spray cream, cigarettes and somebody I mistook for Simon Pegg included!
November 2013
"Sturmfrei" on German television
The results of the last months of work are finally presented! The third and last season of the youth series Sturmfrei is bring broadcast on German television station KiKa from November 21st on. Following that, the episodes from all three seasons will be shown again as well as be available online on After two years of a wonderful collaboration on seasons 2 and 3 with director Martin Busker and the rest of the team, the stories of Lea and her friends finally come to their end.
"True Feelings" wins at kurzundschön
The commercial spot True Feelings, with sound design by myself and directed by Simon Glass, won the first prize in the category commercials/educational ads at this year's kurzundschön competition!
October 2013
Lecturing at Munich Film School
Munich Film School (HFF München) invited me to lecture on film sound. 4 days, 50 students, many many microphones and recorders - it was great fun!
Dialogue editing for "New Offenburg"
I was once again given the chance to assist sound supervisor Christian Heck by editing the production sound for the documentary New Offenburg. The film visits descendants of German ancestors to discover what is left of the cultural heritage that was brought there many years ago.
Game sound design for "Plitschi Platschi" (AT)
Chris Barth and I are working on music and sound to the game Plitschi Platschi, currently being developed at the Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg. A whale is released to collect starfish, survive fishing nets and harpoons and use power-ups to grow into a raging, radio-active super whale.
"Sturmfrei" in full swing
Sturmfrei is still being sound designed and mixed to be completed in time to hit the air in November!
September 2013
Sound post-production for "Mama, für Dich"
Director Friederike Güssefeld and I worked on the sound design and mix for her short film Mama, für Dich (Mum, for you). Due to its sparse use of dialogue, the film gives a lot of room for little details in ambiences and background sounds to tell and convey the feelings and family conflicts of youg Rose. Produced by Neuesuper GmbH in co-production with Munich Filmschool (HFF München) and Bavarian Television (Bayerischer Rundfunk).
"Penguin Runner"
Photographer Morgan Cardiff was invited by extreme runner Dave Chamberlin to document his extraordinary adventure. He ran from 2700 km from Walvis Bay in Namibia to Port Elizabeth in South Africa to raise awareness for endangered animals. Photos weren't enough and so Morgan Cardiff decided to film a portrait. Right now he is working on the next film about this extraordinary man and his run for conservation.
"Sturmfrei" season 3 has begun
Sound post-production to the third season of German children's television (KiKa) series Sturmfrei has begun. I am very happy to be on board again working together with director Martin Busker on nine new funny and heart-warming episodes about Lea and her friends!
Collaboration with Chris Barth
Composer and colleague Chris Barth and I have been working together more and more on several image films and web videos, thus extending our great collaboration. Keep going!
August 2013
Gospel CD mastered
Over the last couple of months, a charity CD production to raise funds for victims of flooding was put together by Karen Seimears and the singers and musicians of the Fellowship of Love Outreach church in Texas. I was responsible for mastering of the live recordings, some  drum tracks and additional mixing. It was great working on the positive, uplifting music!
"Fliehkraft" wins Golden Unicorn
Fliehkraft wins the Golden Unicorn at the Alpinale short film festival 2013 in Nenzing as the best film school film. According to the jury, the film is a highly professional collaboration of all departments, from camera to acting to costumes to post-production. Thank you Austria!
"Journey 1.1" online
Patrick Poelchau's diploma film, the motion graphics game design video Journey, is now online. Chris Barth (music) and I (sound design, mix) worked together to create the acoustic side. Video game meets animation film - it was fun!
Mixing stop-motion short "Dream"
Anne Lucht's film Dream is a hand-made stop-motion animation short. Sound designer Christian Sander brought me on board of the sound team as re-recording mixer, with foley artist Helene Seidl and composer Raffael Seyfried, to bring together the equally handmade and many-faceted soundtrack in the mix.
July 2013
Filming in China
Together with director Matthias Thönnissen and DOP Sebastian Bäumler, I travelled to China for Violet Pictures and German company Eickhoff, where we filmed on several locations, including 10 miles into two coal mines. The trip to and through the country brought many exciting sites and situations, not only during filming alone.
Chris Barth (music) and I (sound design, mix) did the audio post-production for the new Superfocus commercial. What an interesting new approach to the world of spectacles!
"Wahre Gefühle"
Simon Glass's commercial Wahre Gefühle (True Feelings) shows the boring monotony of everyday life both amusingly and painfully - with sound design created by me.
On set for Galileo
For German TV programme Galileo I spent a day with artist Urs Wehrli, whose vision was to tidy up and organize close to one hundred cars parked in a drive-in-cinema.
June 2013
"Fliehkraft" wins Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis
Fliehkraft won the audience prize at the Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis! Many thanks to all who voted for us!
"Transpapa" and "Schuld sind immer die anderen" on TV
Two films I have worked on are being broadcast on television this month. Transpapa on June 7th, 8:15 pm on EinsFestival and Schuld sind immer die anderen on June 14th, 10:40 pm on arte.
May 2013
"Fliehkraft" in competition for Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis
Fliehkraft is in the competition for the newcomer award Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis! You can vote for us here every day until May 29th. Many thanks to Helene Seidl (foley), Andreas Henke (re-recording mixer, Loft Studios), Claudia Mattai del Moro (production sound) and Daniel Hoffknecht (music) for their outstanding support and collaboration in designing the sound. Well then: Watch, listen, vote!
Filming in Düsseldorf
What a pleasant surprise when I got the chance to visit my old city of residence Düsseldorf for a few days of filming with congaz visual media. Familiar faces at work and off, how nice!
April 2013
"Escaping Gravity" wins twice at Kurzsuechtig film festival
Benjamin Teske's short Escaping Gravity (Fliehkraft, starring Sabin Tambrea) wins two awards at this year's Kurzsuechtig film festival in Leipzig. The film that tells the story of transsexual Leonie and her fight for the acceptance of her true identity received the prize as best film entry from both the jury and the audience.
"Bitcoin mining" film online
Composer Chris Barth and I were in charge of the acoustic design of the new What is Bitcoin Mining? video.
"Netwars" prototype completed
The prototype production of Netwars has been completed! Colleague Chris Barth and I have just finished working on the trailer video, after having completed work on the actual comic app's first chapter a few weeks back. This is going to be a very interesting media experience. More links and info to follow!
The diploma version of Patrick Poelchau's game design work Journey has been completed very successfully. We are getting ready to improve and add to it what didn't make it into the first version.
Post-production to "Es ist mehr ein Gefühl"
The sound post-production to Patrick Holzapfel's short "Es ist mehr ein Gefühl" hast begun. As one of the main characters is blind, this film opens up to subtle and quiet yet rich sounds.
March 2013
Filming for "Dein München"
DOP Sebastian Bäumler and I teamed up to document a radio workshop for socially deprived children living in Munich organized by Mara Bertling and Tine Vogeltanz of Dein München. The youths did a great job of discussing the topic "courage", preparing questions, interviewing different celebreties and citizens of Munich and putting it all together for their radio programme.
Filming with Anke Engelke
Kai Holzkämper and I have once again been invited to Cologne's KHM to work together with German comededian Anke Engelke and her Ladykracher colleagues and the film school students in order to turn their scripts into short sketches. Thank you for another round of inspiring work and fun with such professional actors!
"Schuld sind immer die anderen" in German cinemas
Schuld sind immer die anderen by director Lars-Gunnar Lotz is now in German cinemas. A moving film with great actors - don't miss it!

Game Sound Design for "Journey"
Composer and colleague Christian Barth and I are currently working on the sound and music for the game design idea Journey by motion designer Patrick Poelchau. The animated short is his diploma project at the Filmacademy Ludwigsburg.
February 2013
Sound design for innovative app
Composer and colleague Christian Barth and I have teamed up to work on the creation of the sound world for an innovative iPad app currently in production. Stay tuned.

Sound post-production for "Tunnelblick"
Tunnelblick is a short film with a calm setting and atmospheric images, allowing the sonic world and its details to unfold. Director Georg Nikolaus brought me into the team to take care of the sound post-production.
January 2013
"Fitness First" and Alfons Schuhbeck
For the second time now, the team of Studio Schemmann and I visited German chef Alfons Schuhbeck while filming for Fitness First. Working on set is always exceptionally nice when you get to taste delicious cottage cheese creations, breakfast ideas and Thai soups!
"Fliehkraft" and "Drexciya" at Max-Ophül-Festival
This year, two films I have worked on are participating in the festival for the Max-Ophüls-Award. Fliehkraft ("Escaping Gravity", sound editing and sound design) by director Benjamin Teske, starring Sabin Tambrea, is competing in the category "short film", and Drexciya (foley artist and foley editor) by director Simon Rittmeier is competing in the category "middle length film".
Nomination for German Film Award
The feature Schuld sind immer die anderen ("Shifting the blame") by director Lars-Gunnar Lotz hast been nonimated for the German Film Award 2013. During sound post-production, I collaborated with sound designer and re-recording mixer Christian Heck as dialog editor.
Happy New Year!
Wishing everybody a happy, healthy, successful and well-sounding 2013!
December 2012
"Sturmfrei" on television
The sound editing and mixing of the second season of Sturmfrei have been successfully completed. Starting on Friday, December 12th, the 13 new episodes of the children's series by director Martin Busker are broadcast on German channel KiKa.
November 2012
"TRANSPAPA" in German cinemas
Sarah-Judith Mettke's feature TRANSPAPA (starring Devid Striesow and Luisa Sappelt) hits selected German cinemas on November 22nd. After having won several festival awards, fantastic press reviews are joining the release. I had the pleasure and honour of working on the film as foley artist, foley and dialog editor.
"Gestalte deine Zukunft" online
The viral spot Gestalte Deine Zukunft (design your future) by director Olav Wehling, featuring my sound design and produced by fireapple films is now online.
October 2012
Nomination for SoundTrack Cologne
I teamed up with composer Martin Stys for this year's SoundTrack Cologne competition (Nov 15th-18th). The collaboration was a full success so far in that we have been nominated for the final round of the European Talent Award with our sound design and music to the animated short Apollo. Fingers crossed!
"Kreutzer Kommt 2" on Pro7
The crime movie Kreutzer kommt 2, for which I edited foleys for Arri's foley artist Michael Stancyk, will be broadcast on Pro7 on Saturday, October 20th at 8:15 pm.
Sound post-production for "Sturmfrei"
Director Martin Busker invited me to work on his current production, the second season to the KiKa children's series "Sturmfrei". I am very happy to be working with him once again and am responsible for sound editing and mixing of the 12 new episodes around Lea Dietrich and her friends.
September 2012
Sound design for "Tankwars"
I was brought in on the team working on the rerelease of the online game Tankwars to create new sounds, available to play online soon.
Shooting for "Fitness First"
Frank Schemmann and his team and I joined up again to film for Fitness First. This time we went to the FC-Bayern München football club in Munich as well as Bielefeld to meet professional female boxer Regina Halmich.
August 2012
"Ausreichend" wins First Steps Award
Isabel Prahl's diploma film Ausreichend has won this year's First Steps Award in the category "feature up to 60 minutes". Besides praising the atmosphere, excellent acting and great editing work the jury also mentioned the subtle and effective use of sound. I am happy to have contributed to it and the work of my colleagues Kai Holzkämper and Gregor Keienburg.
The film is currently available for viewing online at Arte.
Foleys for "Drexciya"
Simon Rittmeier brought me on board the team of his sci-fi short Drexciya as additional foley artist. The film is currently in sound post-production at KHM Cologne.
Shooting for "Fitness First"
While filming for Fitness First, I recently got the chance to work with Alfons Schuhbeck and witness his restaurants and kitchen in Munich. Very delicious indeed.
July 2012
Sound design for "Oink 'n' Slay"
Composing colleague Chris Barth and I have teamed up to work on the upcoming computer game Oink 'n' Slay.
Foley edit for "Kreutzer kommt"
For the ProSieben series Kreutzer kommt, starring Chrisoph Maria Herbst, I am currently editing foleys for foley artist Michael Stancyk.
June 2012
"Halbe Portionen" wins twice Prix Jeunesse International
The children's film Halbe Portionen ("Two and a half heroes") continues its succuessful travel around international festivals. At this year's Prix Jenuesse International in Munich, Martin Busker's film won both in the category 12-15 years as well as the prize of the international jury.
Rehearsing with "Leenders"
After successful completion of the CD production, the preparations for the release concert are being made.
May 2012
After moving from Düsseldorf to the Munich area, the room acoustics of my new edit suite have been addressed and optimized. Successfully.
Foley edit for "Frisch Gepresst"
For the new feature Frisch Gepresst, starring Diana Amft, I once again joined foley artist Michael Stancyk's team as foley editor. The film will hit German theatres on August 23rd.
April 2012
Foley editing for two German features
I got the chance to work with foley artist Michael Stancyk on the two features Anleitung zum Unglücklichsein (starring Johanna Wokalek and Iris Berben, in theatres October 2012) and Vatertage (starring Sebastian Bezzel and Heiner Lauterbach, in theatres August 2012).
"Transpapa" and "Schuld sind immer die anderen" nominated for Studio Hamburg "Nachwuchspreis"
Transpapa has been nonimated twice for the Studio Hamburg "Nachwuchspreis". The film will be competing in the categories "best script" and "best actress" (Luisa Sappelt). The award ceremony is on May 31st.
Schuld sind immer die anderen hast been nominated for "best director".
Sound post-production to "Mrs. Highlander" and "Freundschaftsspiel" completed
Just in time for packing up for the move to Munich the sound post-production to both films has been completed. The documentary and diploma film of Tina Schimansky, Mrs. Highlander (formerly "Susi Macleod"), was mixed at ICEM in Essen in stereo.
Insa Onken's diploma short Freundschaftsspiel was mixed in 5.1 surround at KHM Cologne. Dialogue was edited by Karl Atteln.
Moving to Munich
I am leaving Düsseldorf to go to the Munich area end of April. New home, new edit room, new possibilities ahead!
March 2012
Dialogue edit for "Monas Bürgermeister"
On the short Monas Bürgermeister, I got the chance to work as the dialogue editor for sound designer Clemens Becker.
Trailer to "Klauberger" and spec spot "Flowers" completed
The sound design and mix to two short projects has been completed. Konstantin Korenchuk's trailer to Klauberger is a teaser to his future feature production. Flowers is an amusing spec spot for "Fleurop" by director Kai Schonrath.
February 2012
New showreel
A new showreel is online, showing excerpts from my work in the departments sound design, dialogue editing, foley and mixing.
"Halbe Portionen" nominated for the Prix Jeunesse International
Halbe Portionen has been nonimated for the PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL, which will be awarded in Munich in June. The festival, first held in 1964, honours exceptional children's and youths' television programmes from all over the world that support und guide children and youths in their mental and social development in their respective cultural context.
Sound design for "Ignition" at Tonhalle Düsseldorf
Christian Sander and I created the sound design to the introduction of the January Ignition production at Tonhalle Düsseldorf. The animation was designed by Bilderwilderer.
January 2012
Happy New Year!
Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy and Harmonic 2012.
"Transpapa" wins
Sarah Judith Mettkes feature Transpapa wins the prize of the prime minister of the German state Saarland.
"Transpapa" and "Schuld sind immer die anderen" at the Max Ophüls Film Festival
The two films Transpapa and Schuld sind immer die anderen have been nominated in the category best feature at this year's Max Ophüls Film Festival. Fingers crossed!
Sound design for Technicolor
Jörn Nettingsmeier and I designed an audio logo for a trade show trailer for the company Technicolor which was mixed in Ambisonics surround by Jörn himself.
"Reality-XL" in German cinemas
Tom Bohn's Thriller Reality XL starring Heiner Lauterbach and featuring foley by myself and fellow colleagues in the foley lounge hits German cinemas on January 12th.
"Tracy Beaker Returns" wins Childrens' BAFTA
Even though I have been informed over a year late, the foley lounge team is pleased to hear that Tracy Beaker Returns has won a Children's BAFTA award.

December 2011
Foley edit for "Prisoners' Wives"
For the new BBC drama series Prisoner's Wives (working title "Bound") I helped out as foley editor on a few episodes.
Mix to "Überall wo es uns gefällt" completed
The mix to Klaus Betzl's documentary Überall wo es uns gefällt has been completed. The portrait of four female musicians joins them on their musical hiking journey through the Bavarian landscape, trading their music with the locals for food and loding.
November 2011
"Transit" on Bavarian Television
On November 30th the feature Transit will be shown on Bavarian Television at 11:40pm.
"Krefeld, Geheimnisse der Seidenstadt" at Cinemaxx Krefeld
On December 4th the documentary Krefeld, Geheimnisse der Seidenstadt (Krefeld, Secrets of the Silk City) by director Matthias Heuser will be holding its premiere at the Cinemaxx in Krefeld.
"Halbe Portionen" wins in China
Halbe Portionen has won the prize for best script in the category "International Student Films" at the Sichuan TV Festival in China.
"Bis aufs Blut" on television
On November 11th the feature Bis aufs Blut is broadcast at 11 pm on German channel SWR.
Post-production on two documentaries
The audio post-production on two documentaries has begun. Mica Crossmedia's Krefeld: Geheimnisse der Seidenstadt explores the history of the city of Krefeld. Klaus Betzl's film Überall wo es uns gefällt joins four young musicians on a musical hiking tour.
Foley recordings for "Body Language"
I was the foley mixer on the foley footsteps recording for the Belgian feature Body Language.
October 2011
Foley and dialogue edit for "Unglaublich Glücklich"
On Sarah Judith Mettke's feature Unglaublich Glücklich, starring Devid Striesow, I worked both on the dialogue edit and the foley production as both foley artist and editor.
Dialogue edit for "Schuld sind immer die Anderen"
I prepared the dialogue edit for the final mix of the feature Schuld sind immer die Anderen (formerly "Zweites Leben").
Mix to "Ausreichend" completed
The final mix to Isabel Prahl's diploma film Ausreichend has been completed. The short was mixed at the KHM Academy of Media Arts Cologne together with sound designer Kai Holzkämper .
"Halbe Portionen" and "Nachtbus" at festivals
Halbe Portionen has won the audience award at Filmzeit Kaufbeuren and has been nominated for a "Gold Panda" award in four categories at this year's Sichuan TV Festival. Nachtbus has been nominated for the German Nachwuchsfilmpreis 2011.
"/afk" reaches over one million views
The "World of Warcraft" fan film /afk has had over one million views worldwide.
Mixing of Alan Silson's Christmas song
After the successful and very friendly collaboration on his last release, Alan Silson invited me once more to mix his new Christmas song.
September 2011

"Grimmsberg" on TV and at Cologne Conference
September 8th, 2011
Grimmsberg will be shown in 3D at this year's Cologne Conference. Pro7 will be airing the first season on October 29th at 08:15 pm.
Foley recordings for "Body Language"
September 8th, 2011
I was the foley mixer on the foley production for the Belgian feature Body Language.
August 2011

"Grimmsberg" on at Halloween
August 13th, 2011
The mystery series Grimmsberg will be released on at Halloween. The team premier of the 3D version will be held in September.
Dialog edit for "Zweites Leben"
August 8th, 2011
I am currently working on the dialog edit for the feature Zweites Leben by director Lars-Gunnar Lotz. The film will be mixed by Christian Heck at sumophonic.
"Halbe Portionen" on BR
August 8th, 2011
The films Halbe Portionen and Höllenritt by director Martin Busker will be shown on as a double feature on Bayerischen Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcast) on August 10th.
Sound design for "Nachtbus"
August 8th, 2011
I worked on the majority of sound design for the horror short Nachtbus (Hamburg Media School) by director Benjamin Teske. The film was mixed at Studio Hamburg.
Sound editing for "Be Patient"
August 3rd, 2011
Benjamin Simon and I edited the sound for the KHM academy of media arts Cologne short "Be Patient".
July 2011

"Living Next Door To Alice" completed
July 1st, 2011
Alan Silson's new dance version of Smokie's Living Next Door To Alice will be released on July 15th.
June 2011

June 22nd, 2011
Post-production of the Pro7 web series Grimmsberg has been successfully completed. The programme will be released in autumn.
Mix of new version of "Living next door to Alice"
June 10th, 2011
For the new release of a disco version of Smokie's world hit "Living next door to Alice" producer Uli Werner and former band member Alan Silson invited me to mix the single.
"Transit" available on DVD
June 10th, 2011
The featuer
Transit will be available on DVD from the 24th of June. Starring Annika Blendl, Clemens Schick, Jürgen Vogel, production sound by me.
Foley for "Reality XL", "Und dennoch lieben wir" and "Tape"
June 10th, 2011
I was in charge of recording props for Tom Bohn's Thrill
er Reality XL with Heiner Lauterbach as foley mixer as well as mxing and editing footsteps for Und dennoch lieben wir. For the Dutch production Tape I worked as foley editor.
May 2011

"Halbe Portionen" wins two Goldene Spatzen
May 29th, 2011
Halbe Portionen won the award as the best short film at the children's media festival Goldener Spatz. Lorenz Harder won as best actor for his outstanding performance.
BAFTA Award for "Flying Monsters 3D"
May 23rd, 2011
The 3D documentary Flying Monsters 3D by and with David Attenborough has won a BAFTA Award in the category
"Specialist Factual". For the theatrical version I designed additional sound effects for the foley recordings.
"Bis aufs Blut" on DVD and Blu-Ray
May 9th, 2011
Bis aufs Blut is available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

"Halbe Portionen" at Neisse Film Festival
May 8th, 2011
Halbe Portionen is being presented at the Neisse Film Festival today.
April 2011

"/afk" on The Jace Hall Show
April 28th, 2011
The internet site The Jace Hall Show has published an interview with director Benjamin Dressler on /afk.
"Grabpflege" on ARTE
April 27th, 2011
Tonight the short Grabpflege will be broadcast on ARTE at 00:35 am.
April 24th, 2011
The Pro7 web series Grimmsberg is currently being premixed.
University studies completed
April 2nd, 2011
I have completed my diploma thesis on "Dramaturgy in Film Sound" and my university studies at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf and the IMM Düsseldorf and now have my degree as Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Ton- und Bildtechnik (sound and video engineer).
"Halbe Portionen" on ARTE
April 2nd, 2011
Halbe Portionen will be broadcast on ARTE on April 18th at 11:45pm.
April 2nd, 2011
During the last few weeks I have been working both on set and in postproduction for element-e, Allianz, Mica Crossmedia and GSW-Worldwide
March 2011

Sound design for "Hockey is Diversity"
March 11th, 2011
I provided the sound design for the spots for the initiative Hockey is Diversity, produced by Mica Crossmedia. The clips will be shown for the first time at tonight's 
match of the Krefeld Penguins.
February 2011

Foley for Pro7 "Funny Movie"
February 22nd, 2011
The action comedy Leppel & Langsam will be broadcast on Pro7 on April 9th. I worked on the film as foley editor and additional foley recordist.

"Retreat" premieres at Berlin Film Festival
February 9th, 2011
The psychological suspense thriller Retreat
, starring Cillian Murphy, Thandie Newton and Jamie Bell, will be screened at the Berlin Film Festival. I recorded the foley at the foley lounge.
David Attenborough's "Flying Monsters"
February 9th, 2011
The 3D documentary Flying Monsters by David Attenborough will be having an additional IMAX release. I supplied additional sound design elements to the foley production.

"The Green Wave" in German theatres
February 8th, 2011
Ali Samadi Ahadis film
The Green Wave starts in German theatres on February 24th.
January 2011

"Bis aufs Blut" actors win Bavarian Film Award
January 28th, 2011
Burak Yigit and Jacob Matschenz both received the Bavarian Film Award as best newcomer actors in 
Bis aufs Blut.
"Halbe Portionen" wins best medium length film
January 23rd, 2011
Halbe Portionen has won the prize for "best medium length film" at this year's Max-Ophüls film festival.
Diploma thesis "Dramaturgy in film sound"
January 14th, 2011
As final part of my sound engineering studies I am currently writing my diploma thesis on the topic "Dramaturgy in film sound". It will deal with the conceptional design of the film soundtrack as a sound supervisor and focus on methods of work in the mixing process.

Foleys for "Turnout" and "Retreat"
January 14th, 2011
Currently I am working as foley recordist for the British feature productions Turnout and Retreat, starring Thandie Newton, Jamie Bell und
Cillian Murphy, who was last seen in "Inception".
Sound design for "Grimmsberg"
January 14th, 2011
I will be working on the sound post-production to Martin Busker's new internet series Grimmsberg, produced by teamWorx for German TV station Pro Sieben.
Happy New Year!
January 1st, 2011
I wish you all a happy, healthy and wealthy New Year 2011!
December 2010

Merry Christmas!
December 24th, 2010
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

"AFK" reaches half a million
December 22nd, 2010
Just before Christmas /afk surpasses 500.000 hits. The number of views on youtube has even been beaten by the Chinese platform youku.
"Halbe Portionen" at the Max-Ophüls-Festival
December 19th, 2010
Halbe Portionen was nominated for the Max-Ophüls-Prize 2011 in the category "medium length film". The film will be screened at the festival in January.
Post-production for "180 Grad"
December 13th, 2010
Currently I'm working on the post-production to Maren Erdmann and Ove Sander's children's short 180 Grad (180 degrees). Having mixed the production sound I will continue catering for its sound right through to the final 5.1 mix.
Saxophon quintet CD production
December 3rd, 2010
In April, recordings were made with the saxophon quintet SQFDAMKBW, an ensemble consisting of musicians from the German Armed Forces. The production is currently being edited and mixed.
November 2010

November 21st, 2010
I will once again be working at the Tonmeistertagung in Leipzig as one of the technical operators in charge of presentations.
"AFK" released
November 21st, 2010
The short /afk - away from keyboard has finally been released after many fans joined in on the online gaming event! On the first day the film passed 20.000 views.
Interview with Benjamin Dressler
November 18th, 2010
The online magazine WOW-Insider talked to director Benjamin Dressler about /afk. The interview can be read here.
"AFK" trailer hits 25.000 views
November 12th, 2010
The trailer to /afk - away from keyboard has reached 25.000 views so far! I'm busy working on the sound post-production as we are heading for the November 19th release date. All in all the teaser and trailer clips have been viewed over 60.000 times so far.
October 2010

Foley for "Tracy Beaker Returns"
October 27th, 2010
I'm currently working on the BBC children's series Tracy Beaker Returns as foley recordist, editor and additional props artist.
"AFK" teaser released
October 17th, 2010
The first teaser to /afk - away from keyboard has been released. The short will be released on November 19th, until then weekly teasers are to follow.
Shooting in Scotland successful
October 9th, 2010
The two weeks of shooting in Scotland have been finished successfully. Besides working on the production sound, with a wonderful protagonist and her family, and good weather, I was even able to experience the magic of my second home Scotland directly by helping save a little sheep.
September 2010

Shooting abroad in Scotland
Septmeber 24th, 2010
I will be spending the next two weeks shooting a documentary as production sound recordist in Scotland. So it is work that is finally bringing me back to my second home.
"Transit" and "The Green Wave" at Soundtrack Cologne
September 24th, 2010
Philipp Leinemann and Christoph Zirngibl will be talking about the score to Transit at this year's Soundtrack Cologne.
Apart from that the makers of
The Green Wave will be talking about the sound and music design to their documentary.
August 2010

Final mix for "Grabpflege"
August 30th, 2010
Director Kilian von Keyserlingk and I met up in Berlin for the final mix of Grabpflege, with dialogue editing by myself and sound design by Julian Scherle. The short will be broadcast soon on Arte.

Final mix for "Halbe Portionen"
August 20th, 2010
Benjamin Simon, Miriam Voth and I spent one week in Ludwigsburg on the final mix of Halbe Portionen. The film was mixed in 5.1 and will soon be broadcast on Arte.
"Bis aufs Blut" hits cinemas
August 20th, 2010
Bis aufs Blut has won the First Steps award as the best feature and hits German cinemas on September 23rd.
July 2010

On set for "Grabpflege"
July 25th, 2010
The shooting of the short Grabpflege, a co-production of the Film Academy Ludwigsburg with La Femis Paris and Arte, will be taking place at the end of July as part of the Cinema Masterclass. Chrsitoph Sapp (boom operator) and I will be recording the production sound.
"Transit" wins Förderpreis Deutscher Film for best production
July 25th, 2010
Transit has won the Förderpreis Deutscher Film award in the category best production. On top of that, Christoph Zirngibl's score has been nominated in the category "Best Score For a Full Length Production" at the "International Filmmusic Festival" in Ubeda, Spanien.
Sound supervisor for "Halbe Portionen"
July 7th, 2010
My colleague Benjamin Simon and I are supervising the sound post-production for the film Halbe Portionen by director Martin Busker. Besides mixing we will also be responsible for the foley recordings. Further members of the sound post-production team are Miriam Voth (dialogue editing, backgrounds, sound design), Marc Wesemann (sound effects editing) and Peter Lorenz (foley editing). The final mix is scheduled for August.
Premier of KHM productions
July 7th, 2010
The KHM School of Media Art's comedy projects will be holding their premiere on July 15th at the KHM Cologne. Besides foley production for one film together with Benjamin Simon, I was also production sound mixer on set of a few other sketches with comedian Anke Engelke, a very friendly and funny experience!
"Bis aufs Blut" wins Studio Hamburg newcomer prize
July 7th, 2010
Oliver Kiehnle's film Bis aufs Blut wins the Studio Hamburg newcomer prize for best director!

"Der Großvater" on BR
July 7th, 2010
Der Großvater will be broadcast on Bavarian Broadcast (BR) in the BR short film night
June 2010

Foley editor for "The Green Wave"
June 21st, 2010
During the sound post-production of the Iranian documentary The Green Wave I was responsible as foley editor. The film, which will be shown in a 52-minute short version on Arte on June 22nd, sheds light on the elections in Iran and the following uprisings of 2009 through interviews and twitter blogs. The full theatrical release is due in autumn.
Festival dates for "Transit" announced
June 16th, 2010
The screening dates for Transit at the Munich Film Festival have been announced!
"Lennon naked" on BBC4 June 23rd
June 16th, 2010
The feature Lennon naked which I worked on as the foley editor in the
Foley Lounge will be broadcast on June 23rd at 9:30pm on BBC4. The film portrays John Lennon in the late 60s, during the time when he left the Beatles and became a pop icon.
On set for congaz
June 16th, 2010
A commercial for Abtei took me on set as the production sound mixer for
congaz once more. Besides familiar faces in the crew I also met up again with actor Bernd Blömer, whom I worked with on Rubikon.
May 2010

"Tansit" at the Munich Film Festival
May 18th, 2010
The feature Transit, which I worked on as production sound mixer, will be holding its
premier at the 28th Munich Film Festival. The festival programme is currently being put together.
Sound design for "trust movement"
May 6th, 2010
The spec spot trust movement was a wonderful collaboration, working together with director Stephan Telaar, composer Markus Roser and mixer Björn Mauder, and myself being involved as sound designer.


April 2010

"TravelWorks" videoclips online
April 28th, 2010
The videoclips about worldwide voluntary work through
TravelWorks by director Caroline Bergmann are now available online and on DVD. Impressive imagery, wonderful music by Fabian Schulz, Two Travel Agents and Sindikaat, and mixed by me.

Byzantinian Sacral music
April 20th, 2010
After her debut a few months back, Soprano Camelia Tarlea has released her second CD, Asa vorbeste Domnul Slavei, featuring Byzantinian Sacral music, recorded and mixed by me.

Camelia Tarlea CD

March 2010

Final mix for "Ins Blaue"
March 18th, 2010
The last tweaks for the mix to Kaija Helweg's short Ins Blaue are currently being made at the KHM mixing stage in Cologne on an ICON. After that we hope to have several festival screenings.

Ins Blaue Poster
On location for "young promotion"
March 8th, 2010
I was on location recording production sound for young promotion. The filming took place at Frankfurt airport, amongst other locations.

In the frame for "congaz"
March 8th, 2010
For the visual media company
congaz I worked as a sound mixer on the set of a green screen production. This way of filming allowed me to not only bring the microphone but also myself into the frame, without having to fear of being beheaded.
February 2010

Foley editor at the "Foley Lounge"
February 19th, 2010
I've recently started working as a foley editor at the
Foley Lounge for foley artist George Hapig. So far the predominantly foreign productions I've been working on include the british feature Lennon naked, which tells the story of John Lennon and his leaving the Beatles in order to follow his solo career.
Videos for "TravelWorks"
February 18th, 2010
The final mixes of the video clips by colleague and friend Caroline Bergmann have been completed. The clips about "work and travel" trips abroad through TravelWorks will be available on DVD soon
Trailer for "Mystery Cache"
February 10th, 2010
My colleague and composer Christian Barth and I designed the soundtrack to Holger Frick's trailer for the feature Mystery Cache.
Production on "AFK" has begun
February 1st, 2010
The shooting to Benjamin Dressler's new short AFK has started. The film is being shot on a RED One.

"Parkour" at Berlinale
February 1st, 2010
Marc Rensing's feature
Parkour will be shown at the 60th Berlinale.
"Bis aufs Blut" wins in Saarbrücken
February 1st, 2010
Bis aufs Blut won three prizes at this year's Max Ophüls Filmfestival. Apart from being the audience favourite and convincing the pupil's jury, Oliver Kienle's film also won the distribution funding.
Byzantinian Christmas music
February 1st, 2010
Soprano Camelia Tarlea has released her first CD with traditional Romanian Christmas carols,
Doamne a Tale cuvinte. I was responsible for recording and mix.
January 2010

Happy New Year!
January 7th, 2010
I wish you all the very best for 2010.

"Champions" hits box offices
January 7th, 2010
The Suisse feature
Champions hits the cinemas today.
"Bis aufs Blut" and "Wolf unter Schafen" at the Max-Ophüls Festival
January 7th, 2010
Bis aufs Blut and Wolf unter Schafen will be holding their premier at this year's Max Ophüls Filmfestival in Saarbrücken.
December 2009

Merry Christmas
December 24th, 2009
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

"Born of Hope" released
December 8th, 2009
The Lord Of The Rings fan film
Born Of Hope has been released. I was fortunate to be part of the team and am credited as one of the foley artists. The film can be watched online at

Born Of Hope Banner
November 2009

SFX for "Champions"
November 23rd, 2009
I was given the chance to work as an additional sound editor on the Swiss feature Champions, editing sounds for the in-game ice hockey scenes.
"Parkour" wins Eastman Kodak Award
November 23rd, 2009
Marc Rensing's feature Parkour won the Eastman Kodak Award at this years' film festival in Hof. The film will hit cinemas in March 2010.
"2012" wins Westfalia Film Award
November 23rd, 2009
The sci-fi short 2012 by Marcus Overbeck won the Westfalia Film Award at this year's film festival in Lünen.
SACD mix of Essen's Girls' Choir completed
November 16th, 2009
The dramaturgical surround mix for the Super-Audio-CD of the Girl's Choir of the City of Essen has been completed. It will go straight to mastering and duplication to ensure its release in time for Christmas. The stereo and surround mixes are being mastered by Christian Zimmerli.
October 2009

Foley for "Born of hope"
October 26th, 2009
Born Of Hope is a Lord Of The Rings fan film, produced by Actors at work productions, bringing together fans and creatives from all over the world. Sound post-production was spread out to various teams, including myself as foley artist/recordist on some scenes, with Enos Desjardins as sound supervisor and re-recording mixer. The film will go online on December 1st.
"Schlaraffenland" in BR short film night
October 20th, 2009
Schlaraffenland will be aired in the BR short film night on this Wednesday, October 21st at 11:40pm.
Audio gradutation work online
October 16th, 2009
An excerpt of my audio graduation work to the film Crew United (director: Milos Savic, production: Film Academy Baden-Württemberg) can now be found online under media.

Crew United
"Versatzstücke" premieres
October 7th, 2009
Elisa Purfürst's documentary Versatzstücke about escape and migration is going to premiere at the film festival 52. DOK Leipzig (26.10. - 01.11).

Versatzstücke Plakat


October 4th, 2009
The recordings of the Girls Choir of the City of Essen we made in June are now being mixed by Anne Camina and myself at the studios in the IMM. We are using a surround dramturgy developed by Prof. Hans-Joachim Haas in order to strengthen the textual reference and emotional listening experience by specifically placing the signals in the surround environment.
Mix for "Ins Blaue"

October 2nd, 2009
Kaija Helweg's short Ins Blaue is currently being mixed at the KHM Cologne School of Media Arts. The sound post-production team, with Helene Seidl as dialogue editor and myself as re-recording mixer is working hard to have the final mix ready for the screening at the KHM Showcase.
August 2009

Children's short "180grad" in Berlin
August 18th, 2009
I am currently working as the sound recordist on the set of the children's short 180grad (180 degrees) in Berlin, getting the chance to once again work with director Maren Erdmann and DOP Ove Sander, as well as other crew members from Paul's Grandpa.

TRANSIT continues
August 5th, 2009
Things went well during the first half of filming and I have been asked to continue my work on the set of the feature Transit. I will be doing the on-set recordings for all but the last four days, giving me the chance to work with German actor Jürgen Vogel.


July 2009

On set for Munich's HFF film school
July 26th, 2009
I am currently on set als sound recordist for the first half of the shooting to the feature Transit by director Philipp Leinemann. The film is being shot on location in and around Munich, to a great extent at motorway service areas, as well as on the motorway using a rigged truck-trailer. The film is being co-produced by Viafilm and Kaissar Film.

Dialogue editor for Film Academy Baden-Württemberg
July 26th, 2009
The dialogue for director Alex Eslam's short Wolf unter Schafen (wolf amongst sheep) was edited by me in preparation for the final mix by sound designer Christian Heck.


June 2009

SACD production with the Girls Choir Essen
June 30th, 2009
Under the supervision of Prof. Hans-Joachim Haas, my colleagues Anne Camina, Bernhard Trutnau and I were responsible for the recordings of the Girls Choir of the city of Essen in Essen's Cathedral. The concert, recorded in 96 kHz in our university's OB-recording van, is to be mixed in 5.1 surround for an upcoming SACD.

Location sound for long-time documentary project
June 30th, 2009
Prof. Manfred Waffender is making a long-term documentary project on piano professor Thomas Leander and some of his students at Düsseldorf's Robert Schumann Music Academy. Together with my colleagues Jonas Hummel, Silvan Oschmann and Jakob Storm I was responsible for location sound recording while shooting during lessons. As part of our seminar, we are trying to find the pros and cons of different micing concepts for the situation.


May 2009

Boom operator for "Bis aufs Blut"
May 13th, 2009
I am assisting my colleague and sound recordist Marc Wesemann in recording the production sound for the film Bis aufs Blut (Director: Oliver Kienle). The film is being shot on location in and around Würzburg, Germany.

Dialogue editing for "Parkour"
May 13th, 2009
During the sound post-production for the feature film Parkour (Director: Marc Rensing) I was responsible for dialogue editing for my colleague and sound supervisor André Zacher. Helene Seidl was adr and foley editor.


April 2009

"Jeder für sich" premieres
April 11th, 2009
Jeder für sich, Johan Leenders' visual graduation film, will premiere on April 17th at IMMPact No.1. The film, which will be shown together with other productions by students of the IMM, tries to find a common view on and of the director's generation. Besides recording some of the interviews, I was responsible for the final mix as well as creating the sound design together with Johan Leenders.

Graduation project sound - "Crew United"
April 8th, 2009
Sound post-production and therefore my graduation project in the sound department of my studies at the Institute For Music And Media have been completed. Besides recording the original dialogue and sound on set, I was responsible for editing, sound design, part of the music and the final mix in 5.1 surround. The exam was held by Prof. Andreas Grimm and Olaf Mierau (result 1,0). The film premiered in Schwäbisch-Gmünd in April.

On location for Congaz
April 8th, 2009
My assistant David Dimartino and myself as recording engineer spent two days shooting on location for congaz visual media in Düsseldorf.

Sound editing for Parkour
April 8th, 2009
I am currently editing dialogue for the feature Parkour (Director: Marc Rensing, Sound Supervisor: André Zacher).


January 2009

Mix of "Versatzstücke"
January 29th, 2009
The experimental documentary Versatzstücke by Elisa Purfürst is based on the acoustic impressions experienced by refugees. Four people from different backgrounds and generations tell their stories of fleeing to Germany, while describing the visual and aural sensations they were experienced. The sound design by Axel Bauer was partially created from the vocalized noises and was put together in the surround mix to form a surreal soundtrack that forms a contrast to the plain, authentic interviews.

Happy New Year 2009!
January 09th, 2009
Here's to a successful and happy year 2009!

Graduation project sound - "Crew United"
January 09th, 2009
I'm currently working on the sound post-production to Milos Savic's short Crew United. The editing, sound design, some of the music and final mix will be my final audio graduation project at the Institute For Music And Media.

Brahms Piano Concerto in the Tonhalle
January 09th, 2009
The orchestra of the RSH will be playing music by Brahms and Yun in Düsseldorf's Tonhalle on January 16th. Jana Langenbruch will be directing a multi-camera production for an upcoming DVD. Katrin Körber and I will be doing the music recording.


December 2008

Screenings at Max-Ophüls Film Festival
December 17th, 2008
Two films that I was fortunate to work on will be screened at the Max-Ophüls-Festivals in January. Both Schlaraffenland and 2012 have been entered into the festival programme.

Dialogue Editing for "Schlaraffenland"
December 13th, 2008
I took care of the dialogue editing for the short Schlaraffenland. Christian Heck is responsible for sound design and mix.

Demo-CD Production
December 13th, 2008
Caroline Bergmann and I have recorded a demo-CD with Agnes Zarzeczny (Vocals) and Jens Thomas (Piano). The German jazz and chanson style songs were composed by the two musicians.


November 2008

Tonmeistertagung 2008
December 13th, 2008
Fellow students and I were in charge of the equipment in Hall 3 and the Talkback Room at this year's Tonmeistertagung in Leipzig.

Gospel Project 2008
December 13th, 2008
I was responsible for location sound recording and sound post-production for a short clip to be shown at this year's Gospel Project Ruhr. Robert Gummlich was the director.


October 2008

"Top 10 Grooves and Beats" on Drummerworld
October 20th, 2008
My visual graduation production Top 10 Grooves and Beats with Andy Gillmann is currently being presented at Drummerworld.

Julian David wins at AES in San Francisco
October 19th, 2008
Julian David has won two prizes at the AES student recording competition in San Francisco. He came second in the category non-classical surround and third in Jazz/Pop stereo. I very much enjoyed assisting Julian in the production and am very happy to hear about his success!

Dialogue editing for KHM Cologne
October 4th, 2008
I edited dialogue for Kaija Helweg's short Was es ist (What it is). Judith Nordbrock will be doing the final mix at the KHM (University of Media Arts) dub stage. Foley recordings and an ADR session are planned for October.


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